Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to drive a family member crazy using ur Desktop

How to drive a family member crazy using ur Desktop

This is for everyone who has a pc shared with the family,and wants to have a good laugh.


Way Of Exocution:
Simple :first what u do is to close all windows,and remove the shortcuts,like "my computer" etc. (you can always bring them back.)
Complicated: Make to taskbar hidden just to make an extra.that will prevent anyone doing anything

take a printscreen of you desktop,prefferd with alot of folders,
its the PRTSC button on your keyboard. past the screen shot in paint,and save it as what ever you want.
save it somewhere youll remember it,

now move all folders on the desktop to a single one from them all.
remember: the more folders in the desktop,the harder is to spot the real one.

now make the printscreen you wallpaper,
then,as someone turns the pc one,tries to open a folder. FAILD.
goes to "My Computer" . Failed.

No Taskbar,no nothing. Here Comes Panic.

Link for the video tutorial,added a few steps,to make it better.