Sunday, October 4, 2009

Facebook Farm Town Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Hacks

Facebook Farm Town Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Hacks

Rank 0-24 in Farm Town in one week? Yes absolutely I did. There are lots of tips and tricks in Farm Town… though there are no “Farm Town Cheats” as such.

So how did I manage to rank up in Farm Town so quickly, did I play it a lot? Yes, but not as much as you might think!

Farm Town - Hay Bales are your friend!

In Farm Town your rank is decide by XP points (Experience Points) you gain XP points by performing various tasks, such as; Ploughing, sowing seeds, buying objects etc. You get 1xp point for ploughing and 2xp points for sowing seeds. Most people will rank up in Farm Town by ploughing and sowing. However the whole cycle from ploughing to sowing to harvesting takes time. The fastest turnaround may had from the Grapes, they take four hours to go from seed to harvestable plant. So planting Grapes is a fast way of getting XP providing you plant and harvest at least twice a day. Oh and here’s a top Farm Town tip, if you plant and harvest enough of them in a day they are also the *most profitable crops in Farm Town too!

However there is something else you can do that earns you even more xp… however it will cost you money!

Maybe you don’t have the time to plant Grapes three times a day, I didn’t! However If you look at some of the objects you can buy in Farm Town you will soon realise that some of them reward you with quite a nice bit of xp. The trick was figuring out what object you could buy for the least money and the most xp.

The Answer : Hay Bales!

Hay Bales

Hay Bales are the quickest way to rank up in Farm Town. It’s not a cheat, it WILL cost you money, but it will help you rank up! Hay Bales cost 50 credits, and they reward you with 5xp, they may also be sold for 6 credits… so you are going to lose 44 credits per Hay Bale.. but remember this is about ranking up in Farm Town – not making money!

The way this works is simple; ask your self how long it would take to earn 3xp per square of your farm with a field of Grapes compared to the xp earnt from a Hay Bale, the answer is four hours… now imagine how much xp you could earn from buying Hay Bales in four hours. Lets say it takes a minute to buy and sell a Hay Bale, that means you could buy and sell 240 Bales in four hours, earning you a whopping 1,200xp! And that’s based on it taking you an entire minute to buy and sell a Hay Bale.

Now i’m not saying that’s what you do – unless you are a brain damaged hamster, however it’s no hardship to creatively place a few Hay Bales here and there… and then maybe sell and replace them all every day or so.

Farm Town - Hay Bales help you rank

Think i’m speaking nonsense… have you ever wondered why Hay Bale messages are so popular in Farm Town?

*technically Trees are the most profitable crops in Farm Town as you don’t have to re-seed them and the harvests never go off!