Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farmtown Strategy Hints Tips & Tricks

Farmtown Strategy Hints Tips & Tricks

Welcome to a comprehensive strategy guide for Facebook’s popular game, Farm Town! In this you will learn several different strategies to approach the game with in order to succeed in the way that you define. Since there is no way to technically win in Farmtown, you will have to define what winning is for you. You can use each of the following strategies to aid you:

The crops in Farm Town are a huge fundamental part of the game. Check out these hints and tips to help plan the best strategy for the thing you spend the most time on!
How to Plant Crops Closer Together in Farm Town
Best Crops in Farm Town

Planting trees is my favorite strategy in the game. If you want to learn more about these fascinating parts of the game, click on through. There are plenty of hints and tips related to them.
Why Trees are Better than Crops in Farm Town
How to Turn Off Trees in Farm Town

Experience Points
What else could you want other than hints on how to get more experience points in Farm Town? The higher level you are, the more of the game is available to you. Check out these tips on how to get more.
Guide to Farm Town Levels
How to Buy Experience Points in Farm Town
Farm Town Houses

Currently animals have little use in Farm Town, check out the article below to see what limited purpose they serve and how to avoid any pitfalls associated with them.
Using Animals in Farm Town